how to make your butt bigger withshapewear

How To Make Your Butt Bigger By Dressing To Thrill

The derriere, bum, buttocks, butt, rear, backside, booty, bottom, fanny, tush, behind, buns; no matter the terminology you might choose to use – practically everyone wants to enhance the look of theirs by making it appear larger and more shapely.

A well-rounded bottom that is firm and curvaceous allows you to show off and attract attention. Your personal butt shape comes from a combination of your genetics, your body shape, your weight and even your fitness level – some of which you can control, others not so much.

Certain celebrities are renowned for their fabulously sexy big buttocks – Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and even royal relative Pippa Middleton. But how does one achieve that look and join the list of illustrious ladies with the buxomly beautiful booties?

porsha stewart big butt

Porsha Stewart Denies Butt Augmentation

Porsha Stewart was asked if her big butt was real or if she’d had butt augmentation during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

“I take that as a compliment. These fake butts in Atlanta, they look good. They sit up, they sit high. So if you think mine is fake, thank you girl, but it’s not!”

The Real Wives of Atlanta star claimed her great looking behind was down to being fed on corn bread, collard greens and Yams.

My verdict? It looks too natural to be butt implants. My guess is some gym work together with a liberal dose of Rivitol butt enhancement cream.


buttock implants gone wrong

When Buttock Implants Go Wrong

Big beautiful well-rounded buttocks are celebrated everywhere you look with the famous over-the-shoulder-glance-from-behind photographs gracing print and digital copy alike. You’ve seen them – celebrities renowned for their shapely rear end glancing back while showing off their stunningly shaped backside molded into a charming designer dress.

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Pippa Middleton have all done it – making large round curvaceous buttocks the latest fashion.

There are lots of ways to improve the look and size of your tush. Exercising can do wonders, how you dress can trick the eye into thinking your bottom is a bit more well-endowed than it actually is, butt lift clothing can give your buttocks a boost and then there is also butt implant cosmetic surgery also known as buttocks augmentation.

Butt augmentation is the latest thing in cosmetic surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that over 10,000 buttocks augmentations were performed in 2013, a rise of 16% from the previous year. In theory, butt implants are similar to breast implants, with the implants placed in the buttocks instead of the breasts with the goal to create larger and more attractive assets. But…..

feel foxy butt lifting clothing

Feel Foxy with Butt Enhancing Shapewear

Feel Foxy, a Texas-based mail order company, supplies all manner of butt enhancers and shapewear products to ladies everywhere who want to boost their assets.

Their international clientele includes women of all ages – 18 to 81 to be exact – all with the desire to improve their confidence along with their figure.

Feel Foxy delivers just that, with a wide array of buttock enhancing products, shapewear, clothing, intimate apparel, plus sizes and yes, even mens shapewear.

In the Beginning – The Butt Bra

Feel Foxy developed from one woman’s desire to have a well-rounded and ample derriere. After the birth of her children, she realized that her once perky, round backside had suddenly become quite flat and, well, droopy.

In 2004, she began with only one product, the now famous “Biniki Butt Bra.” With this one product, the Feel Foxy founder realized that lots of women desire fuller, curvier butts as the request poured in for more bum enhancing options.

Eye on the Future

Feel Foxy began to expand their line almost right away – with other figure enhancing products – and quickly became an industry leader. Featured recently on Good Morning America, the Feel Foxy team remains true to their original mission – to help ladies look and feel more confident in their clothes.

The response has been incredible – with abundant thanks from clients worldwide pleased with the immense collection of quality shape enhancing products available.

what to wear to make your butt look bigger

7 Ways to Make Your Butt Look Bigger and Sexier For Tonights Hot Date

The hot date night has arrived and you want to look your curviest, most beautiful self on your big night – after all he could be the one!

The problem is you only have a few hours to get it all together – including crafting the perfect look and making your derriere look its biggest and finest all with the goal of leaving him wanting more. What can you do to exude confidence and show off your best assets?

Let’s face it – as ladies we envy the well-rounded, large, shapely buttocks of curvaceous and beautiful celebrities. Each of us wants to achieve that look, knowing that men can’t resist a delightfully grand derriere.

It’s just the look you want – read on to discover the tricks and tips to get you there today just in time for tonight’s date.

Tip 1 – Wear Your Highest Heels

Have you noticed that high heels make your butt look bigger? Heels make you change your posture causing your behind and breasts to appear larger right away. Slip your highest heels on and look in the mirror.

Your butt and breasts are, shall we say, perky and protruding. Your legs appear longer and more shapely and toned. You can see the change immediately and he will notice it the moment you walk into the room!

Tip 2 – Pair Your Heels with the Right Jeans, Skirt, or Dress

Form-fitting and body conscious is the choice for tonight’s date night outfit. Choose a dress with a lighter hue and a fitted bodice to boost the curves of your bottom. A short straight pencil or stretchy bandage skirt are also excellent butt enriching choices.

If your date is more casual, choose tight-fitting jeans with small embellished pockets to mold and lift your cheeks! High-waisted jeans with a small waist show off your tush curves as do low-rise jeans with a tailored top.

Tip 3 – Add a Wide Belt

A dark wide belt worn at the narrowest part of your waist will make all eyes believe you are the lady with the hourglass figure – a thin waist and an ample derriere. The greatest effect will be achieved when you pair the dark tones of the belt with fabrics of a lighter hue.

Tip 4 – Choose a Padded Uplift – Top and Bottom

Adding a bit of padding can help you maximize your strengths. Consider a padded bra which not only adds shape and definition to your décolletage but accentuates your

how to make your butt bigger with the Maca plant

How To Make Your Butt Bigger Using The Amazing Maca Plant

Hi Clare. I have been told that a Maca supplement can increase the size of my butt as well as my boobs AND increase my libido. Sounds too good to be true, what’s your opinion? Loving ‘How To Make Your Butt Bigger‘ btw, Suzie xxx

This was the email I got from regular reader Suzie last night and with her permission I thought it would be useful to provide the answer here for others looking for the same information.

Maca has been around as a supplement since the early 2000′s but it’s only recently been claimed to help those looking to increase their butt size. Now there are 2 possible reasons for this.

  1. One of its side effects was to make your butt bigger but because a larger behind wasn’t fashionable back then the marketers didn’t bother to mention it until now.
  2. The marketers have simply added the bigger booty to its list of many powers because it is now fashionable to have a bigger butt and so it will help sales.

Personally I am inclined to go with the first option as the Maca plant been known to increase breast size for some time so why not the booty?

Like all things in the beauty marketplace though, Maca root will almost certainly not be the magic pill to a big bum. By all means give it a try but I advise all my girls to use several methods at once to get the very best results.

Most emails I get are from women looking for the fastest way to get a bigger butt and again I always recommend tackling the problem of a small behind from as many angles as you can for the fastest results.

Take a supplement such as Maca if you feel it will help but also use a butt enhancement cream such as my favorite – Rivitol – and do some of the butt lifting exercises for a few weeks.

By doing several things together you will get your desired results so much faster. If you only do one thing – such as take the Maca supplement – and it doesn’t work for your particular metabolism then you will have not only wasted your money but you will have wasted weeks of time that could have been used far

a bigger booty

Get a Bigger Butt By Smothering Your Booty in Coffee and Eggs

Use this Recipe for Homemade Buttock Enhancement Cream and Fill Out Your Jeans For Just a Few Pennies

If you have spent any time researching how to make your butt bigger you will have found several buttock enhancement creams on the market and you can read my review of the cream all the celebrities are using by clicking here.

I know from my inbox that some of you would rather learn how to make your own so that you know exactly what it is you are putting onto your skin so by popular demand here’s my home made buttock enhancement cream recipe.

One ingredient that can be found in just about all commercial buttock creams is caffeine. That’s because caffeine makes the other ingredients – the ones that actually add size to your booty – work into your skin quicker.

Now, drinking a few extra cups of Joe every day is not going to do anything for your buttocks and neither is sprinkling instant coffee powder all over it!

You need the grounds left over from fresh coffee so if you don’t drink the real stuff, ask a friend or family member to save a days worth of the left over grounds for you.

Next you will need to add an ingredient that actually puts some meat on your booty. Most commercial creams use one oil or another for this while Revitol – the only cream I actually recommend – uses Horsetail extract which is a natural source of Silicone.

get a big butt fast

How to Make Your Butt Bigger in Double Quick Time

So not only do you want to know how to make your butt bigger, you want to know how to do it as fast as possible?

You aren’t alone, my most common email is from women asking how they can hurry along the butt building process.

The one below was from Dianne in London yesterday and is pretty typical of my inbox.

I have ordered the Rivitol Butt Cream you recommended and can’t wait to get using it but will I really have to wait up to 12 weeks before guys notice the results or is there something I can do right now that will make the effects of the cream work faster?

First off, most people will see noticeable results to the size of their butt well before the 12 weeks mark and secondly, yes there are other things you can do to hurry along the process. Remember, I used nothing but the cream because I was laid up with a broken ankle and couldn’t do any kind of exercises.

————>  Read about my experience with Revitol butt cream here  <————
Using the cream AND doing a butt building exercise program can produce fantastic results in double quick time. I have seen girlfriends showing noticeable butt growth within 1 week!

Ok so lets get to it. Try these easy to do exercises over the next 7 days while you wait for your Rivitol Butt Cream order to arrive and you will give your booty building a great kick start.

Firstly, think about the way you walk.  This is something that you do instinctively, and you probably don’t pay much attention to it.  However, changing the way you walk can exercise the muscles in your butt and help you to improve its shape.  Stand up straight, with your head up and your shoulders back.  This instantly emphasises your curves while making your body look slightly slimmer.

bigger butt secrets

Bigger Butt Secrets – Get a fat booty in under 2 months

The Bigger Butt Secrets program is dedicated to helping women all over the world achieve their dream of having a big, round butt with luscious curves instead of a flat and boring behind.

Among the many things that you can learn from the Bigger Butt Secrets program is the many misconceptions that you may have regarding your butt. For starters, you will learn of all the possible factors that might contribute to a flat butt and how that behind is not necessarily your fault. Check it out at Bigger Butt Secrets.

While elements such as not eating correctly or poor physical activity will also contribute to a small posterior, other factors can also have a huge impact such as genetics, hormonal imbalances during puberty or your natural body shape.

rivitol buttock enhancement cream

Revitol Butt Enhancement Cream – Your Bigger Butt Secret Weapon

If you crave a bigger booty but don’t think it’s possible with nothing more than a cream then please read my personal Revitol butt enhancement cream review below to discover how I added over 2 inches to my booty using nothing but this amazing lotion.

Never heard of Revitol Butt Enhancement Cream? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Up to now it’s been one of the best kept secrets in the world of beauty and fashion as those in the know don’t want to share, they would rather you believe their gorgeous butt is the result of hours of work in the gym!

Check out the official Revitol website by clicking here.

Hi there, my name’s Clare and you are currently a visitor to my website that charts my experiences as I went from a flat bottomed girl to one with a bigger, firmer and sexier butt.

See the photo on the right? That’before and after butt enhancements a before and after I did to show the benefits of doing butt targeting exercises.

I’m pretty sure you will agree that after 14 months I had definitely improved the size and shape of my behind (I started the exercise program late 2011 and the ‘after’ was taken early 2013).



How I discovered the foolproof way to a bigger butt

revitol butt enhancement cream review
Now take a look at this latest picture. This one was taken after just 3 months of using nothing but Revitol butt enhancement cream.

Just 3 months of using Revitol —->

A nasty accident coming off my scooter at Easter left me with a busted ankle and a leg in plaster which meant no more training for me for the foreseeable future.

I was so scared of losing the gains I had made to my butt that I was willing to try anything to stop it going flat again after all my hard work.

Luckily for me a good friend of mine who works at a gym called around to see how I was recovering and she told me about this new Revitol cream she’d heard about from one of the  fitness coaches at work.

I placed my order more in hope than with any conviction but as you can see from the photo, it worked better than I could have dared hope for. In fact,

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